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Career Planning & Advancement

How to Create an Actionable Career Plan – Cafe Quill

Career Progression Plan – Houston Chronicle

How to Write a Proposal for a New Job Position – Career Trend

How to Get a Company to Pay for Your Professional Development and Training – Ivy Exec

6 Steps to Evaluating Your Skill Set – GovLoop

The Advantages of Sitting on a Board of Directors – Career Path

Top Salespeople Often Make Bad Sales Managers: Here’s How to Avoid This – Ivy Exec

What Are the Most Critical Skills & Competencies That Supervisors Need to Lead People? – Career Trend

How to Join a Board of Directors for a Huge ROI – Ivy Exec

Short-Term Goals for Careers – TheNest Woman

How to Deal With a Boss on a Power Trip – Career Trend

9 Tips for Improving your Business Writing – Cafe Quill

7 Easy Ways to Build Your Personal Brand – GovLoop

5 Reasons to Use the Internet for a Job Search – Houston Chronicle

Job Specialization Pros & Cons – TheNest Woman

How to Boost Job Search Success with a Strategic Self-Marketing Plan – Houston Chronicle

7 Steps to Get Good at Networking – GovLoop

Should You Bend the Rules to Advance Your Career? – TheNest Woman Careers

Resumes & Cover Letters

How to Tweak Your Cover Letter and Resume for More Impact – GovLoop

How to Plug a Hole in Your Resume (Without Raising a Red Flag) – Ivy Exec

Cover Letter Tips – Houston Chronicle

How to Deal with Varied Experience on Your Resume – Career Trend

Comparison of a Good and Bad Cover Letter – Houston Chronicle

How to Critique a Resume – Career Trend

Tips for a Journalism Cover Letter – Houston Chronicle

How to Show Multiple Roles in the Same Job on a Resume – Houston Chronicle


How to Negotiate Salary & Moving Expenses – Career Trend

Assessing an Interview – TheNest Woman

Pros and Cons of Informational Interviewing – Houston Chronicle

What’s Expected in a Marketing Job Interview? – TheNest Woman Careers

HR Job Interview Questions – Houston Chronicle

Ethics in the Interview Process – Houston Chronicle

Job Overviews/Career Descriptions

Sales & Marketing Manager Job Description – Houston Chronicle

Wedding Consultant and Coordinator Job Descriptions – TheNest Woman Careers

Sports Nutrition Expands Career Menu – Chicago Tribune

What is a Banquet Manager? – Houston Chronicle

What is an Exhibition Manager? – Arizona Republic

Job Description for a Director of Fitness – TheNest Woman Careers

Job Description Examples for an Executive Director in a Nonprofit Organization – Career Trend

Hotel Sales Director Duties – Houston Chronicle

What is a Nutrition Specialist? – TheNest Woman

Conference Planning Hotel Jobs – Houston Chronicle

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager Job Description – Houston Chronicle

Job Description for a Human Resource Manager – Houston Chronicle

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