Your CV

A Curriculum Vitae goes beyond a traditional resume, allowing potential employers to learn more about your professional background.

Your CV might include your resume, followed by information such as:

  • a one-page list of URLs to articles you’ve written on a particular subject
  • a list of your certifications, awards and recognitions
  • volunteerism history
  • a list of workshops, seminars, webinars and other continuing education
  • a list of websites you’ve managed
  • several brief case studies of successful projects
  • a list of awards

With the rise of LinkedIn and personal portfolio sites, the old-school reverse-chron resume is changing.

It’s important to have an up to date resume, but as you climb the corporate ladder, you’ll be expected to show employers much more than a list of titles, companies for which you’ve worked, dates and a few accomplishments at each.

Check out these articles written by Steve Milano to help improve your traditional resume and cover letters. This will help you build the foundation that can then help you create a CV that takes your skills presentation to the next level.

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