How to negotiate a better compensation package

How to negotiate a better compensation package

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At larger companies, compensation packages are almost always set in stone to prevent legal and morale issues for the company.

If you’re interviewing with a smaller company, however, you can ask for a variety of perks that cost the company little or nothing, or that make sense for the business because it improves your skills.

Check out Steve Milano’s article on CafeQuill to learn how you can negotiate one or more benefits that will improve your job situation and potentially help with your career advancement plan.

Items you can negotiate include:

  • Job title (this is HUGE!)
  • Training reimbursements
  • Specific hardware or software to do your job
  • Parking or commuter pass
  • Flex time
  • Relocation expenses
  • Mentorship

You’ll have to be careful you don’t offend an employer because you might be asking for things even their directors don’t get.

A more specific title (HR managers don’t always know the correct titles for every industry), software that will help you do your job better, a trip to a trade show or seminar, or a mentorship with a company executive are items that can help your new company almost as much as they can help you.

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