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Have you ever seen a co-worker promoted before you when you were more qualified?

Have you applied for a job, not got an interview, then checked out the LinkedIn profile of the person they hired – only to find that person did not have your qualifications?

Is there anyone at your company higher up the ladder who doesn’t have your qualifications?

Working Hard Doesn’t Get You Promoted

If you think being the best at your job will get you noticed and get you a promotion, you’re in for a long wait. People who move into management aren’t promoted because of their hard skills. They have soft (management) skills – which they developed.

You have to PURPOSELY develop business soft skills if you want to move up the ladder and make six figures.

Create Your Career Plan or Wait to be “Noticed”

Executives aren’t born – they make themselves. The tools they use are called management skills (not management talents) for a reason.

Would you like to create a written, long-term action plan to get your next promotion quicker, and land the job after that, and get invited to a board of directors, and be asked to speak at a national conference and get to the C-Suite (or get a gig as a department director) before you co-workers?

Steve Will Help You

Steve will work with you one-on-one to create a long-term career plan, meeting with you by Zoom once each month for a year (or on accelerated timetable).

Your sessions will include:

  • Creating your career plan
  • Creating an action plan (with dates)
  • Creating a self-inventory (hard and soft skills)
  • Choosing continuing education options
  • Developing a professional brand
  • Creating a killer cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Managing your online profile
  • Finding a mentor
  • Getting informational interviews
  • Preparing for board service
  • Getting published (with or without writing!)
  • Getting speaking opportunities
  • Learning how to MANAGE a network for more than job references
  • Improving interviewing skills
  • Handling compensation negotiations

Be prepared to do your homework. Steve will help you, step-by-step, develop the skills you need to become manager, director and executive. You’ll need to develop hard and soft skills by watching videos, reading online articles and attending meetings. Steve will help you choose which ones.

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